What do you do if you have a girl friend about thousands of miles?

Fortunately the internet is here! If you google Long Distance Relationships you’ll find lots of tips on how to maintain a LDR. One important factor is planning when you are going to be together. It’s important because it keeps you both motivated to work on your relationship, to spend time together online doing fun things too.

Some people don’t like LDR’s, but if they’re done well you both can really discover if your relationship has what it takes to last the distance. The pun wasn’t intended, but it does fit. Over time you’ll get passed the first phase of excitement and as you journey into time you really get to see what someone’s character is like.

Here’s a link for some idea’s for your LDR, and I wish you both all the success and happiness you deserve.

LDR – 21 Best Tips On Making A Long Distance Relationship Work

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