Perhaps the better question would be “Is it healthy for a 24 year old to love a 15 year old?”

There are so many factors that come into play in a situation like this that the best person the 15 year old could approach is an emotionally intelligent, mature aged adult who knows both of you personally. No one could answer this question with any clarity without knowing you both personally.

Is it healthy for a 24 yr old to love a 15 year old? As far as development stages of life goes the answer would be no. The 24 year old is typically in a full time job and busy pursuing laying their financial foundation, and rounding out their mental and emotional maturity for the years ahead.

The 15 year old on the other hand has another 10 years of mental and emotional maturity, financial independence, determining life direction, and so very, very much more that all comes within day to day life experience and life choices.

What I can see is a male 24 yr old who is perhaps not as mature as the age stated above, and that happens based on a whole range of life factors, and a 15 yr old female who’s been made responsible early in life, and both meet around the 18 – 19 year old maturity level. No offence to either of you, it happens in life. And the opposites happen too. My 18 year old son is about the age of a 24 year old in mental and emotional maturity. So can you see why it’s different for everyone and how your question can’t be answered in a generally speaking manner?

The healthier thing to do would be to just develop a friendship and let time unfold everything. If you put love first, before the firm foundation of a friendship, in any relationship, it makes for hard yards ahead for most people.Professionally speaking I have to add that you must legally abide by all laws in the state and country you both live in.

Please respect the adults around you, whether you agree with their opinions or not. A lack of respect for the adults around you will show an immaturity in either of you which would need to be addressed personally. Hence why I said you need to seek out the right people who know both of you. I wish you all the best.

Blessings and dreams, Linda

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