It’s time. Time to step forward beyond the broken dreams of the past. Time to reexamine your heart, reinvent your dreams and respark your life. Breathe slowly and deeply into the quiet of your heart and explore the new vision for your life. As you breathe new air, new life into your tired heart you’ll begin to become inspired to fully live your life again. Inspired that the dreams within your heart are worth pursuing.

Upon breathing in and out slowly, 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out, close your eyes and feel the tension leaving your mind and heart. Continue on with the slow breathing and ponder on these questions.

What were the desires of my heart?

Where have I stopped myself from pursuing the desires of my heart?

How can I move forward into achieving the desires of my heart?

Just one step, once a day will see you in a whole different place this time next year towards achieving the desires in your heart.

Feel welcome to comment below about the desires in your heart.

Blessings and dreams,


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