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I’m someone who lives with Anxiety, Depression, Aspergers, Epilepsy and have overcome PTSD. I do my best to experience Thriving every day of my life. I don’t always succeed, but I like to keep happy despite the challenges. Over the decades I’ve discovered how to learn, grow and recover my life and I love sharing my experiences with you.

Practical experiences that can assist you individually in your journey. I’ve walked through life experiencing the most challenging of times. Recovery from childhood sexual abuse has been the most challenging of all. I found it effected every area of my life. Emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. On top of that Doctors mismanaged my health. I was bedridden for over 2 years.

Recovery for me has meant working on every part of me. My brain so I could remember words to speak and how to do the washing and cooking. It was very hard at first. Devastated that I’d lost all my cognitive functions I had to make a choice to work hard or cry hard. Work hard won out, but the tears still come at times as they are necessary for the recovery process.

I studied and achieved my Counselling Diploma and I’ve begun studying at University. Something I never believed would be possible as I used to have zero memory capacity.

It’s my sincere hope that throughout the pages found here you will discover practical tips, products and services that will assist you to grow spiritually and more, and a community that also want to face their individual challenges and thrive daily.

Let’s do it together.

Life Extraordinary!


Blessings and dreams,

Linda Turner

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