We’re just under 2 hours away from the beginning of Christmas day in Australia. I want to wish each and everyone of you the most blessed day. Relax and enjoy your day, adding love and spreading love wherever you go.

Self Care: Before leaving home or Before guests arrive ensure you have an emergency chat line saved as a phone contact. This way, if needed, you can duck off to a quiet space and chat with a professional to get you through the challenge.

Remember: Be prepared! Dig out your list of possible triggers and how you plan to manage them. Remind yourself, or make a list on your phone, of what you plan to do if x,y or z happens. Have cash/card handy if you need to get in a taxi and head home.

Importantly: Remind yourself, it’s only x amount of hours, and you can do this!

Blessings and dreams, Linda xo

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