Christmas and grief feel so painful. Christmas by its core focus is the belief in new life, new hope and eternal love. Grief feels quite the opposite.

My mum was passing away over Christmas and the agony at the time felt beyond compare. As I fed her icecream to soothe her chemotherapy throat, she was still concerned she’d put on weight. Sigh. The closest she ever came to overweight was being pregnant. She slipped quietly away in His arms 12 days after Christmas.

I know your pain, I walked those roads for 17 years. Alone. I don’t recommend it. In here we do life and the tough times together so that we can share love and encouragement, wisdom and laughter, and recover from our Mental Health together.

Know today you are loved for the space and pain you’re in, and know we will still love and encourage you into your best love despite the challenges of each day. Let’s continue to do life & recovery together, in love and laughter, just for today.

Blessings and dreams,


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