Remember to inject yourself with determination daily. It helps us focus on what we need to do today, assists us […]

Light from Within

When the hard times in life come do you forget to keep shining your light? Do you remember that your […]

We are Called

Trying to adjust yourself to other people’s expectations, ways of living and beliefs will leave you internally miserable. You, sweet […]

Just Focus on Today

Anxiety wants you to focus on anything and everything thereby leaving you feeling wrung out and like you’ve achieved nothing. […]

Repeat After Me

Repeat after me, I am appreciated, I am valued, I am worthy, I am loving, I am kind, my life […]

Train Your Mind

  For me it’s been a process of determining whether my thoughts were aligned with truth or what others believed […]

Anger & Decisions

Angry words brimmed on the tips of my lips, my heart began to overfill with frustration, I had zero control […]

Rest~Relax~Restore for Recovery

A recovery requirement, to rest, relax and restore each part of our self, our souls. I love being able to […]

Beyond the Darkness

When I’m overloaded with darkness, feeling unworthy and unloved, it’s time to pick up my crown and remember precisely who’s […]

Patience is Altitude

Patience is Altitude I found this wisdom from @joycemeyer today. Reminded me that attitude is altitude! Let’s rock through this day! Prayer: […]