Mental Health Recovery ~ Coaching $40/month


Mental Health Recovery Coaching $40/Month


Mental Health Recovery Coaching for a Focused Recovery.

We work together using the App Marco Polo. This neat App allows us to communicate efficiently and clearly. It’s time saving, you don’t need to make or wait for an appointment, and is the best value for your hard earned $. For $40/per month you can receive answers to your questions, have me listen to your frustrations, and focus on your recovery efficiently. Time is precious, especially when it comes to your health and wellness.

You will receive support, suggestions and ideas to work on plus assistance to pinpoint the underlying cause of your daily chaos. Also, I will research the latest available information for you, in your country, for extra support in any area you need.

I look forward to working with you!

Why Marco Polo App?

The Marco Polo App gives you the ability to record at a time that best suits you. No appointment necessary. My aim is to reply inside of 24 hours Monday – Friday. Weekend availability is limited to Saturday mornings only or by prior appointment only.

What you do – Purchase your monthly subscription, download the Marco Polo App, input my phone number into your phone contacts that comes with your purchase, and we’re connected. You can then record at your convenience.

What I do – I respond with what you need today. It may be advice, questions, work you need to do and so much more! As a qualified counsellor and over 20 years experience plus real life experience of the recovery journey I’m equipped to help you in your recovery.

How to set up and use Marco Polo – Using Marco Polo

Set up Marco Polo on your iMac or PC – Marco Polo iMac/PC set up

If you have any questions before your purchase please feel welcome to email me, Linda,

Marco Polo App for iTunes

Marco Polo App for Android


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