Mental Health Recovery ~ Counselling


Counselling via Internet $60/hour




Mental Health Recovery Counselling for a Supportive & Focused Recovery

Mental Health Recovery requires Solution Focused Therapy. We work together to set goals, and to determine what thoughts/emotions/limits/beliefs/patterns are impeding your ability to reach your goals. All steps we take are practical and importantly you receive honest feedback and suggestions. These enable you to examine areas of your day to day life and discern where you can stretch yourself to move forward. You will receive encouragement and support as you aim for your best life, one day at a time.

Connect with Me

Recovery Counselling is done using Live Streaming with the Google Hangouts App. Available on your phone and on your laptop/desktop, we work together to achieve results.

How to Proceed

Message me on Google Hangouts ~, introduce yourself, and state that you’d like to book a counselling session. Let me know your location (the nearest capital city is good) and a day and time that suits you. As I am in Australia, I will reply with an available timeslot. Once the timeslot is agreed, you proceed to the checkout and pay for your consult.

Once you’ve completed payment, which includes your details, I will email you the client intake form for completion. You can choose to complete the intake form with me during your consult OR fill out the client intake form in advance. Upon completion, scan/photograph the intake form, and return to me via email.

The Consultation

I will contact you via Google Hangouts 10 minutes prior to our scheduled time in order to ensure we’re both settled and ready to conduct the session. During the session we will discuss many things, so after the session is completed I always email you our agreed upon direction forward. You can book another session at the end, or not, there is no pressure as this is your unique journey.


If you have had prior Counselling and the Coaching via Marco Polo appeals more after the first session you can then head over to Mental Health Recovery Coaching

Mental Health Recovery Coaching is not available unless I have worked with you for one session of Mental Health Recovery Counselling. You and your history are important in order that I can professionally assist you.


Please feel welcome to email your questions at My office hours, generally speaking, are between 9am and 4pm Australian time. However, I will answer your queries a.s.a.p.

I look forward to working with you and assisting you in creating a new chapter in your life.

Blessings and dreams,




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