A Window into a Cutter’s World by Rachel Zoller

I found this article and it was a breath of fresh air. I’ve read a lot about cutting, a lot […]

Letting Go

  Grief. There is power in letting go. The power of the promise of a new tomorrow, new beginnings, new […]

Light from Within

When the hard times in life come do you forget to keep shining your light? Do you remember that your […]

Dust off Your Dreams

It’s time. Time to revisit your dreams, to be willing to take a step towards them each day. To live […]

Encourage One Another

Let’s encourage one another. When we do we place courage into them, into their lives to have strength to grow […]

Social Anxiety: Working towards Recovery

  Section I: Introduction and Case Studies Social anxiety disorder (social phobia) is the third largest psychological problem in the […]

No More Fear

  Gain your inner strength by caring about what you think of you, not what others think of you. Allowing […]

Joy Conquers Fear

Stop. Take some time to really ponder what is being said here. Where do you suppress your joy because fear […]

Silent Excitement

  Wait. Breathe.Sense the excitement. Find the sense of excitement buried under the day’s “to do’s”. Breathe. Don’t take no […]